Climbing the Grand Combin

The Grand Combin is composed of 3 major peaks over 4000 m.
Combin Tsessette of 4135 m. Combin Valsorey 4184 m. Combin Grafeneire of 4314 m.
The way "classic" from the hut FXB Panossière is the corridor of the guardian.
The best period for skiing this ascent is in May.

Download the summer map

Download the winter map

Mountaineering in summer

  • Grand Combin by the corridor of the guardian
  • Grand Combin by North West face
  • Grand Combin by the edge of Meitin
  • Traversée des Combins par l'arête du Meitin-Combin de Valsorey-Combin de Grafeneire-Combin de Tsessette-Tour de Boussine-Lac de Mauvoisin
  • Combin de Corbassière
  • Combin de Corbassière by the South edge
  • Petit Combin
  • Petit Combin descente arête Ouest-col de L'âne
  • Tournelon Blanc

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Mountaineering in winter

In the spring you can easily stay 2-3 days at the cabin FXB Panossière and make a different route each day.

Round-trip from Panossière:

  • Le Grand Combin par le couloir du Gardien
  • Le Petit Combin-Combin de Corbassière
  • Le Tournelon Blanc

By crossing:

  • Panossière-Tournelon Blanc-Chanrion
  • Panossière-Col du Meitin-Valsorey
  • Panossière-Col des Otanes-Fionnay
  • Panossière-Combin de Boveire-Col de Panossière-Bourg St Pierre
  • Valsorey-Face sud du Combin de Valsorey-couloir du Gardien-Panossière
  • Bourg St Pierre-Boveire-Panossière

Great hikes:

  • 1.Bourg St Pierre-Cabane du Vélan-2.Mont Vélan-Cabane Valsorey-3.Petit Combin-Les Follats-Cabane FXB Panossière-4.Grand-combin-Col de Panossière-Bourg St Pierre
  • 1.Fionnay-Panossière-2.Tournelon Blanc-Cabane Chanrion-3.Refuge Colon-Tête de Valpeline-Zermat

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